Volunteer in our "Bottle School" in Cambodia

volunteer teaching in classroom

Teaching English

You are very welcome here as a foreign teacher - even if you are not a native speaker you can jump in at least as an assistant, maybe even teaching your own class.

waste collection poster

Environmental Education

We collect and separate waste with our students trying to have an effect on our whole community through this, too.

We built our school with bricks made of plastic-bottles filled with trash, we use solar electricity and a solar cooker.

volunteers help cleaning the building site

Fundraising and Building

We are still in the process of building, so you can help in many ways, also by raising funds through your personal and social media contacts. Here are the direct links to donate for our school or for our new waterwell respectively.

drawing of new classrooms

And this is how we started out...

Our friend and volunteer Iain Tatam from England drew a few sketches and we began to fill plastic water bottles with the omni-

present plastic trash to create bricks for our new buildings. We collected donations for the other building materials with the help of German fundraising portal betterplace. Off we went...and here we are!